My photo shoot session with Courtney was incredibly fun and very memorable. Courtney has an infectious energy about her makes you feel so comfortable. The sessions are very personalized; we frequently stopped to take spontaneous photos in front of interesting buildings and surroundings that caught my eye in the moment. I was able to express myself in a variety of different capacities, which was very empowering. I’ll cherish these photos forever (and so will my parents!).
— Brittany, Louisville, Kentucky
Courtney is a former colleague, long-time friend and incredibly talented photographer. So when my fiancee Mark and I began to think about who would take photos for our wedding, hiring Courtney was a no-brainer. I knew she would do a fabulous job, but she far and away exceeded my expectations.

Not only are the photos flawless, Courtney made us feel really comfortable and captured so many genuinely beautiful moments from our wedding weekend. As someone who tends to look awkward and uncomfortable in photos, I was really nervous about being all dolled up AND trying to take photos that I would love forever. There’s not a single bad photo in the album Courtney sent me.

People say mixing business and friendship can be messy at times, but Courtney was engaging, professional and an absolute breeze to work with. I honestly can’t say enough good things about this wonderful experience!
— Britt Beringer Jordan
Courtney took our engagement photos in 2013 and did a fantastic job. She scoped out the park where we wanted photos taken beforehand and had lots of ideas for poses and creative backgrounds. She really connected with the look that we had in mind and was very patient with is, and our dog, while we tried to get in positions and poses. The photos were excellent and had a really natural look to them. We loved them!!
— Andrew Watts
We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed having Courtney in our home for the photo session. She was incredibly patient and creative despite our newborn being pretty uncooperative the whole time. She was a pleasure to work with!
— Karla Montero
Awhile ago I was approached by a local photographer, Courtney Miller to look at her photography and maybe set a shoot. I jumped at the chance. I don’t think families can have enough photos of their families. I loved the photos that I had seen at Courtney’s site and was excited to see what she could do for our family. We chose to have her meet us near our house at a local park. The reason being the park had a beautiful set of barns. Both barns older and weathered but still beautiful. It seemed a perfect fit for our little country family. I have to say Courtney did an amazing job. She ran with our ideas and gave us some different ones to. These are just a few of the photos that Courtney took.
— Holly Zegalia