They are your first roommate,

The one who can always get you to smile.

They are your playmate,

Who always has your back.

They are your teacher,

Your role-model,

Your right-hand-man.

They are your babysitter,

The one you spend an extra hour with explaining something they don’t understand.

They are your truth,

Your best friend,

Your confidant.

They are the one who most gets on your nerve.

They are your roots.

They are your wings.

They are your biggest cheerleader,

Your tough love.

They are the first to tell you when you’ve messed up,

They are the last to tell you goodnight.

They are your mirror,

Your shoulder to lean on,

The hand to hold when you feel like the rest of the world has abandoned you.

They are who’s bed you go to to share the story of your first kiss, first time, first heartbreak.

They are the pillow to soak up your tears,

They are your audience,

Your director telling you how to move forward.

They are your strength,

Your light in the darkness,

Your goodness.

They are who shows up at your door unexpectedly to let you know that you’re not alone.

They are your hope,

Your inspiration.

They have known you the longest,

Pushed your the farthest,

Loved you the greatest.

They are the keeper of your secrets,

The whisperers to your soul.

They are one of life’s greatest gifts,

They are sisters.