life is what you make it...

Life is what you make it. It matters not how much money, or goods, or time you have. It is bestowed upon you, dependent on your actions and your attitudes, not on your status.

Life is a blessing in every way you look at it. It can be hard, but through those hard times you learn wisdom, patience and humility. It can be exciting, and through those times you learn gratitude, awareness and happiness. Life is a chance to create everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

Life does not judge or limit itself to certain individuals. Individuals limit themselves in life. Few truly understand the beauty and preciousness of our time here on earth. They live each day, each moment, to the fullest, showing their appreciation and enthusiasm. It is to these people that we should be grateful. They show us the way to enlightenment. 

Thank you for enlightening my life and many others, Kelsey Harris. May we learn to embrace our lives and make the most of them just as you did. RIP.