Life is a Dance

Life is a dance we try to perfect with each step we take. Some people waltz because it is safe with the same few steps repeated again and again. Some people free style because it’s exciting, for they never know what may be their next move. Some people lead. Some people follow. Some people get better as they go, and some people just don’t have rhythm.


And then there are those who came out of nowhere and completely catch you off guard. You watch them take the stage with this natural, confident aura that tells you this dance will be special, one worth watching.

The music begins, but you don’t recognize it. Its something you’ve never heard before, and immediately you’re intrigued. The suspense builds, and finally the dance begins.


The moves are fast but controlled, sexy but graceful. The dancer becomes one with the music, creating something hypnotizing. There’s something about it that makes it impossible to take your eyes away. It’s captivating and beautiful, and you don’t want it to stop.

Suddenly, you begin to pick up the steps, and before you know it, you’re out of your chair dancing along. At first you’re scared. You feel bewitched by this riveting dance, and then you realize, you have entered a world you strangely seem to know. The place you used to fantasize about, not knowing it would one day exist.

And this is where you stay. Dancing an infectious dance to music you’ve never heard before in a world you thought was only a fabrication of your mind. All because of the dancer that took you by surprise.