Leave the 17-year-old behind and embrace who you are today

When was the last time you looked through an old photo album? Reminisced about how thin and cellulite-free you were at 17? How many times have you told friends about how good you used to look?


I used to do it all the time.


Until recently, I was in complete denial that my body was forever changed and would not go back to its prepubescent era. For motivation to diet and lose weight, I would look through old pictures and fantasize that I could look that way again.


I’m not sure what it was that changed my perspective, but I finally stopped obsessing over the past and came to terms with the present. I had reached my body mass index and no matter what I did, I would rarely fluctuate between 3-5 lbs. It would take drastic measures to do so, and being the health and fitness freak that I am, I was not willing to do anything drastic.


Instead, I learned to let go of the 17-year-old me and put her back where she belongs – an old photo album on the shelf. I embraced my body and its development, and I realized that though it had changed, I liked how it looked – curves and all, and it was time to celebrate it.


Something some of us struggle to understand is that we are all made differently and that our bodies are designed to develop in a certain way. It makes us unique – distinguishes us from one another. The most beautiful you will ever be is when you are comfortable in your own skin and stop seeing things as flaws but as little bits and pieces that help make you an individual.


Sure, there’s always room for improvement, but try to keep a healthy mindset about it and appreciate where you are in life because you will never be there again.