Creating New Habits

In the end, as I see it, there are only two possibilities for a human life. Either you strive to move beyond where you already are or else you continue to do what you have already done. Unless you have a vision that reaches beyond everything your life has been about so far, what is more than likely to happen is more of what’s already happened. Why? Because the structures of human consciousness are habit patterns. That’s not a negative thing—it’s how the universe is created. Habits are formed at the level of matter, at the level of biology, and also in consciousness and culture. We are habits. And so unless there is a powerful energy and focused intention to break out of our habit-patterns and create new ones, it’s more than likely that what will happen in the future will be similar to what’s happened in the past. It takes an enormous degree of focused concentration, a big vision, and a deep commitment in order to break through the established habits and create new ones. But that’s what conscious evolution is all about.

- Andrew Cohen