A Long Lineage of Women

I come from a long lineage of women



Passionate women

Women who don’t accept “no” as an answer

Or anything half-assed as acceptable

I come from women who are devout mothers

Learned scholars

Community leaders

Women who are selfless


But never speechless

I come from women who cook homemade meals

Cherry pie

Fried chicken

Mmm Mashed potatoes

Timed to perfection

Arranged like a feast

From family dinners to thanksgiving for 80

Get it while it’s hot

They never slack off in the kitchen

I come from women who listen

Who put everything aside to hear how you are

To comfort you

Reassure you

Enlighten you

Women who teach compassion and honesty

Practice patience

And embody hope

Women who believe you’re not complete unless you’re helping others

I come from women who are refined



Wholesome, southern women

With perfectly coiffed hair

I come from women who are gracious and kind

But feisty fighters

Always rising to the challenge

Putting forth their best effort

Filling the halls with joyous laughter

Women who don’t just demand respect

They earn it

Deserve it

Are entitled to it

Because they are the perfect blend of grace and strength

Of humility and pride

I come from the most beautiful and inspiring women

Whose lineage I am proud to join

Whose legacy I will gladly carry on